2m / 70cm Diamond X500 collinear
 2m 12 element homebrew LFA Yagi
 6m 4 element Hy-Gain VB-64DX monoband Yagi
10m homebrew 4 element monoband Yagi
15m 4 element Hy-Gain LJ-153BA monoband Yagi
20m homebrew rotatable dipole 10m high
20m homebrew inverted V dipole 15m high
40m homebrew inverted V dipole 15m high working east-west
40m homebrew inverted V dipole 18m high working north-south
80m homebrew EF dipole

This is my homebrew 4 element 10m Yagi.
Designed by Attila Kocis, DL1NUX.
I've had great success with this antenna. It loads up nicely on 12m as well.

The driven element and matching coil for 50 ohm coax

Installing the 10m Yagi on top of the tower. I couldn't have done this without the help of Stephen, ZS6SKY. The man is fearless! Stephen also installed my 15m Yagi and 6m Yagi on top of my 15 metre high tower.

Looking up

The 10m Yagi looking great on top of the tower. When raised the tower is 18 metres high. The antenna to the right is a 40m Inverted V.

I secured the bottom section of the tower to my house for extra stability. I used 40mm plastic tubing to keep the feedlines and rotator cable from tangling when the tower is raised or lowered.

To raise the tower I use a 12 volt electric winch. The box holds a 12 volt car battery and two 100 Amp solenoids wired in parallel. I also installed a hand winch to help lower the tower, just in case the top section gets stuck for some reason.
I wouldn't like to climb the tower if the top section got stuck!

Each antenna feedline is connected to a lightning arrestor. The cables are then fed through the wall of my shack. On the shack side is an aluminium plate with a SO239 barrel connector for each antenna. When I close my station down all rigs are disconnected from the antennas.

The lightning arrestor box is mounted beside my VHF tower. My VHF tower is 10 metres high.

10m Yagi and 40m Inverted V on the first tower.
6m Yagi, 15m Yagi, 40m and 20m Inverted Vs on the middle tower.
VHF antennas on the other tower.